XICI's new feature: XICI Lottery Machine

It took me about half a month to develope XICI’s own lottery featrue. Administrator can configure and publish lottery event in the back-end now, and the event will be drawed automatically.

Database and all the logic are built upon Minapp Cloud which is a BaaS platform I mentioned before. This time I used trigger to build cron task and used cloud function to implement automatically drawing. That features are new to me this time but there are not so difficult to solve with the documentations.

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Implementing multilingual in Hexo

I want to do my multilingual site in a sudden, so I search for the simple and appropriate way to achieve that but I failed. However in Mr.TSTR’s blog I found this particular article Hexo adds multi-language support「internationalized i18n」, and figure it out.

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Exercise record in August

My weight grows fast and my body condition is getting bad these days, so my girl and I decide to do some excercise everyday. I was required to keep a record after daily excercise.

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Enhance hexo with PWA in three steps

In previous article I mention about reviewing issue and my PWA plan will be advanced. I want to learn fist and do some experiment about PWA, so this blog became the first tester.

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To Wechat mini program reviewer: Fuck you

Since everyone knows Wechat mini program has very very limited categories, you could do less when your program is categorized as “personal”. Form early 2018 when I launch my mini program, I obey the operation rules and developing code, it always passed after first review.

But I don’t know the wrong with that guys now, they unapproved my code for FOURTH tims. WHAT? The unapproved reason says: your contents involve with “Entertainment - News” which does allow in personal category. NEWS? Excuse me? The contents show in the index page are the content generated form my program with the pictures form movie or series, they are DEMONSTRATION. It has nothing to do with NEWS.

WTF? Same code, Same behavior, just fixed some bugs and it says no. The last version with the NEWS contents they think has runing for half a year, now they told me no? I have my patience lost entirely, FUCK u reviewer!

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『戏词』的下一步就是网页版,而且是支持 PWA 的网页。

其实网页版已经偷偷在线上一段时间了,多亏知晓云提供的多平台 SDK 支持,迁移起来非常方便。但是还没有广而告之的一个原因就是,作为一个做拼图出身的工具,只提供了在线内容浏览而不提供工具好像有点说不过去,于是便一直拖拖拖。但是关于线上版的功能和逻辑基本上都想全了,只差一个程序员匀出时间来实现就好。

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博客站点接入了 Google adsense


这次在博客这边加了 Google Adsense,一个目的是看看这边情况如何,第二个是学学 Adsense。

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8 月 8 号就是我安利过很多次的知晓云 2 周年的生日啦~首先先提前祝知晓云生日快乐,越办越好~今天收到他们产品经理 Musk 的问题,想让我说说『戏词』的诞生和接入知晓的经历。之前的文章有提到过,会专门写一篇来介绍下我的宝贝戏词,那么就这个机会来说一说做『戏词』这段时间的心路历程,还有它和知晓云的爱恨纠葛吧哈哈哈哈。

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通过 Twitter 卡片分享博客

心血来潮试了试文章页下面的“分享到 Twitter”的按钮,发现分享出去的是干巴巴的文字,觉得不是很美观。虽然没怎么去用 Twitter 但是还是知道在时间线上有不同的推文样式。抱着试试看的心态去找了找,还真找到了:Twitter Card

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QQ 小程序版『戏词』现已上线

上文末说到『戏词』已提交审核已经是一个礼拜前的事儿了,过了一个礼拜,经过了 5 次修改,终于过审了。审了那么多次,不通过的理由,也顺便在这儿汇总一下:

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